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Sustainable Australia Winegrowing – Granite Belt

Sustainable Australia Winegrowing (SAW) is an initiative of the McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association (MVGWTA).  It is a programme created to maximize growers’ and regional overall sustainability, while aiming to minimize environmental impacts. The computer based programme is designed to capture data on vineyard management, and provide a benchmarking opportunity for growers to demonstrate their performance against their regional peers and recognised best practice.

Sustainable Australia Winegrowing (SAW) in the Granite Belt

In 2015, MVGWTA offered the programme for the first time to regions outside of the McLaren Vale area with a view to allowing benchmarking within individual regions.   The Granite Belt wine industry is proud to be the first region outside of South Australia, to offer this unique benchmarking tool to grape growers.  GBWT will co-ordinate the set-up and implementation of the new programme, and 2016 will be the first vintage that growers will be able to utilize the tool.

Outstanding support for the programme was shown, when growers were first asked for an expression of interest in SAW in 2015.  28 growers, representing 80% of the Granite Belt’s commercial wine grape crop, were willing to join this innovative programme.   That is a magnificent statement about the region’s commitment to sustainability, quality and continuous improvement. These numbers guarantee our benchmarking will be statistically robust and we expect that program participation grow as the vintage progresses.

Sustainable Australia Winegrowing is accredited by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) for full Entwine Membership

To join this group call:

Peter O’Reilly (QCWT ) 07 4685 5050 or Brad Allen (Sancerre Estate)  07 4684 1139

Open to all Wine grape vineyards of the Granite Belt-GB Wine members and non-members alike:

Cost: $  49.50 joining fee, then an annual fee of $99

Regular updates on the SAW programme are available at the GBWT Vineyard Walks and at the GBWT dinner meetings.

Background information can be seen at MVGWTA site.