Granite Belt Grape and Wine


The Granite Belt is one of Australia’s most exciting wine regions. It’s distinctive, cool climate wines are winning critical acclaim and accolades like never before and slowly but surely the wine drinking public are changing their perceptions of “Queensland Wine”.

This shift does not come about by accident.  It is the result of much hard work by many across all elements of the the local industry.

  • Viticulture practices across the region have improved with mechanisms, such as the vineyard walks and QCWT workshops, in place to share knowledge and experience.
  • The next leap forward in our regional viticulture will occur this vintage with the first implementation of the Sustainable Australia Winegrowing program outside of South Australia.  Over 30 Granite Belt vineyards have committed to recording data on their viticultural inputs and will participate in this benchmarking project.
  • The regional, focus on Alternative Varieties has been a game changing strategy.  Coupled with the Strangebird Alternative Variety Wine Trail marketing initiative, this strategy has placed the Granite Belt ahead of a significant market shift towards new and exciting varieties.
  • Our winemakers have gathered knowledge and experience from all corners of the globe and so armed, willingly take on the challenge of making wines that are distinctively Granite Belt.
  • The regional tourism industry has a long history of working together to ensure the Granite Belt is marketed as a tourism destination.  The success of these efforts cannot be doubted as the Granite Belt has overcome numerous hurdles to position itself as one of Queensland strongest local tourism brands.