Granite Belt Grape and Wine

Vineyard Walks

GBWT Vineyard Walks – are a series of 6 walks held at various times throughout the year, in different vineyards throughout the Granite Belt.  They are designed by grapegrowers for grapegrowers.  They are not sponsored by any commercial entity and are run on a volunteer, not-for-profit basis.  The walks evolved from a need that growers identified, and have been a very successful part of the grapegrowing calendar on the Granite Belt.   The dates for the series are released in April each year.

Content and Style Vineyard Walks are unapologetically “grass roots” in their style, and are quite simply a gathering of growers to discuss issues of interest at the time. Walks are held after 3:00pm, and go for only an hour or two. Each walk is held in a different vineyard with the aim of showing the wide range of viticulture practices used across the district.  From time to time, reps with new or interesting products for sale or researchers and field officers with relevant expertise are invited to speak at these walks.  Several of the walks have involved demonstrations of machinery or contract services.  Home-made innovations are always of great interest.

Many grape-growers of the district also have plantings of alternative varieties, so walks are a chance for growers to see what is working where.

Relevance By sharing stories of successes and failures, mistakes can be avoided and successes repeated.  The spin-off to the region is that big gains in quality have been made and maintained. The proof is indisputable…the Granite Belt is one of the smallest yielding, highest quality wine-grape producing regions in Australia.  A claim backed by the fact that premium quality wine- grapes from the GB are sold regularly between $1500/T and $2000/T. The Australian Wine Industry handles bulk grapes starting from as little as $220/T and considers any grapes sold for $1000 (or more) to be of the highest standard.

The Granite Belt is at the leading edge for growing alternate varieties in Australia.  Advancing this initiative requires growers who are alert, innovative and quick to take on new challenges and techniques. This is pioneering work which benefits greatly from collaborating rather than working in isolation.  Vineyard walks are an important tool in this network.

Who can come? Wine makers and grape-growers of the Granite Belt are welcome at the vineyard walks.  Walks are free for members of GBWT and $10 per walk for non-members.  If you haven’t been to one of the walks yet, then just come along and introduce yourself at the next walk, or contact Michelle or Sue.  The first walk is always free.

COST: GBWT members: Free;  non-members: $10 per walk  (first walk is free)

WHEN: 6-8 walks per year -dates for the series released in April  click here for the calendar

CONTACTS: Sue Smith Pyramids Road Wines

Michelle Coelli, Twisted Gum Wines