Granite Belt Grape and Wine

Industry networking

Members’ dinner meetings
Every two months, Granite Belt Wine members gather at one of the region’s many winery restaurants to discuss industry matters, enjoy seriously good food and wine and generally have a fine time.
The evenings are popular and have encouraged busy people to get to know their fellow grape growers and winemakers. Social aspects of the meetings foster friendships and enhance understanding of disparate points of view that exist within the industry.
We gain an appreciation of the viticulture and winemaking practices of our neighbours as well as the quality and range of wines being made in the region. Members bring samples along which are passed from table to table for people to try. Gatherings have sparked ideas, innovation and, occasionally, synergies that lead to joint projects.

Guest speakers are often invited, some from outside the industry, to brief us on technical, business or political issues of relevance to the wine industry. Members of the Wine Committee report news and current issues.

The emphasis is on fellowship but a sub-text is to further the region through working together. The dinners are great fun and remind us that while our businesses have unique needs, some things are best done together.

This evening is one celebrated by both new comers & long time members alike.

Who can come? Dinners are for members of GB Wine and invited guests.

Non-members who are wine producers or grape growers of the region are encouraged to come along to dinners too. Invitations are issued by email.

Please contact Sam Costanzo ( if you would like to attend our next dinner meeting

Cost: is $50per person for a 2 course meal

Wines: are contributed by each attendee

Venue: will be announced with each invitation.