Granite Belt Grape and Wine

About Us

A good twenty years before the Granite Belt was an official Australia Geographic Region, wine producers and grape growers recognised the need to work together, to advance the region. In 1982, Granite Belt Wineries Cooperative Association was formed to focus on promoting events and to develop cooperative marketing of the wineries in the region.  The organisation has essentially continued from the early 80’s until the present day, experiencing name changes and operating with differing focuses as times demanded, but continuing to grow in membership and strength.  Currently, the GBWT continues as an incorporated, member based association.  In 2015 its marketing role was transferred to the newly formed Destination Southern Downs, and now one of its main roles is as the peak Industry body for wine producers in the Granite Belt.  The group known as the GBWT Wine Industry Sub-Committee is the region’s official wine industry voice, and represents the majority of wine grape growers and producers on the Granite Belt.  Activities include bi-monthly meetings and dinner meetings, vineyard walks for growers.  The Granite Belt Viticulture and Oenology Group is an informal sub-committee formed in 2008 and focussed specifically on industry research and extension supporting members and non-members alike.

Granite Belt Wineries Co-operative Association 1982 to early 2000’s
Granite Belt Wine Industry Association early 2000’s to 2006
The Granite Belt was officially recognised as an Australian Geographical Indication 2002
Granite Belt Wine and Tourism Inc 2006 to current
Granite Belt Viticulture and Oneology 2008 to current