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Australian Wine Sector International and Interstate Labour Needs in 2021 Survey

COVID-19 has caused significant business disruptions to the wine sector this year.  It is important to manage these disruptions as effectively as possible.

The use of interstate and international labour to meet seasonal and technical needs for a grape and wine business is usually a normal practice, however travel restrictions may not allow this to occur as freely as it has previously been.
Australian Grape & Wine and Wine Australia are collecting information on planned international and interstate labour use by grape and wine businesses, to inform conversations with the Australian Government and state governments about what international and interstate travel restrictions will mean for business.
We are asking you to complete our Wine Sector International and Interstate Labour Needs in 2021  survey and tell us what labour you plan to use in the first half of 2021. If you can’t give us precise numbers, please provide your best estimate.

Wine Australia will collect and aggregate the data, removing identifying information and applying Wine Australia’s privacy guidelines that it imposes on other sector surveys.
It would be appreciated if businesses could complete the labour survey to inform better decision making.
To participate in this survey, click on the Start Survey button below.

Kind regards, 

Tony Battaglene
Chief Executive

Australian Grape & Wine


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